JUST IN: Mt. Gox Announces Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Repayments to Begin in Early July 2024

The Rehabilitation Trustee of Mt. Gox has officially declared the beginning of repayments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, set to start in July 2024. This is one significant step forward for the Rehabilitation Plan designed to compensate creditors who suffered after the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the notice on June 24, 2024, the preparations for these repayments have been completed. The Rehabilitation Trustee will make repayments to cryptocurrency exchanges after finalizing necessary exchanges and confirmations of information required to effect the implementation of the repayments. It is designed to ensure safety, reliability, technical aspects, regulatory compliance in different countries, and cryptocurrency exchange arrangements. Creditors are, therefore, advised to await further notifications as the repayments proceed in an orderly manner, starting from the beginning of July 2024.

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