LATEST: Japanese Company Metaplanet Issues Bonds to Acquire $6.3M in Bitcoin

Japanese investment giant Metaplanet Inc. saw a significant 12% surge in its stock price following its announcement to acquire bitcoin valued at 1 billion yen ($6.26 million). This purchase is part of a strategic initiative, financed by a new bond issuance aimed at strengthening the company’s digital asset portfolio. Metaplanet’s decision underscores its commitment to leveraging cryptocurrency as a hedge against economic instability in Japan.

The company detailed its plan to issue a second series of ordinary bonds with a 0.5% annual interest rate, maturing in 2025. The proceeds from these bonds are earmarked exclusively for further bitcoin acquisitions, highlighting Metaplanet’s innovative approach to integrating digital assets into its financial strategy.

This move follows a series of bitcoin purchases by Metaplanet, including a recent acquisition of 250 million yen worth earlier this month. With these strategic investments, the firm aligns itself with forward-thinking financial practices, betting on cryptocurrency’s potential to offset traditional economic challenges.


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