XRPL’s fixReducedOffersV1 upgrade initiates 80% consensus countdown

The “fixReducedOffersV1” amendment is now in a two-week activation countdown phase, having garnered approval from over 80% of validators. This amendment signals a significant upgrade for XRPL.

XRP Ledger (XRPL) is set to introduce additional features in the upcoming weeks. As per XRPScan, users relying on rippled v1.11.0 or earlier versions are advised to update their systems. Implementing fixReducedOffersV1, addressing critical issues with DEX offerings, necessitates achieving updates exceeding 80% within 14 days.

Among the amendments introduced in the XRPL v1.12.0 update, fixReducedOffersV1 stands out as the sole amendment securing an 80% consensus, initiating a two-week activation…

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