Tether’s ‘new era for capital raises’ Bitfinex bond flops

Bitfinex’s recently launched Tether (USDT) tokenized bond, hailed as a “new era for capital raises,” appears to have failed to garner the investment and interest the firm anticipated.

Bitfinex Securities, a platform focused on listing tokenized real-world assets (RWA), announced its first tokenized bond in October, called ALT2611 Tokenized Bond, with the product going live on Nov. 15.

However, after a two-week offer period, only $1.5 million of a $10 million target has been raised, according to the official website.

The target of 100,000 ALT2611 worth 10 million USDT was set for two weeks after launch in the announcement, but it appears to have been extended by another fortnight as…

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