Bitcoin Ordinals ORDI token tops $1B market cap after 850% monthly gain

The Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals-based ORDI token has become the first BRC-20 token to top a $1 billion market capitalization after staging triple-digit monthly and weekly percentage gains.

ORDI notched a new all-time high of over $65 on Dec. 5, surging more than 850% from around $6.80 on Nov. 5, per CoinGecko data. ORDI is up 216% in the last seven days.

The sudden ORDI price uptick saw it become the first BRC-20 token to reach a $1 billion market cap on Dec. 5, it currently commands a value of $1.3 billion.

ORDI has dropped slightly from its high and is trading for under $61, which is still an over 2,000% increase from its Sept. 11 all-time low of $2.86.

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