XRP threatens to flip Binance’s cryptocurrency once and for all

Binance coin and XRP, two of the largest cryptocurrencies on the market, are diverging.

Only $2 billion separates BNB and XRP’s market caps — now $35.7 billion to $33.2 billion. 

That puts XRP squarely in flipping distance: If BNB stays flat, XRP could firmly eclipse it with just an 8% price rally.

The two were way further apart at the start of the year. BNB’s market cap was more than double XRP’s back then — long before Changpeng Zhao’s forced resignation as CEO of Binance last week.

In fact, XRP briefly flipped BNB in July when a US federal court ruled Ripple’s XRP sales to retail weren’t securities. The news ballooned its price by 75% and once again made XRP the…

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