Nomic kicks off native Bitcoin bridging to Cosmos with 21 BTC

Matt Bell was on the staff at Tendermint (All in Bits) in the early days of 2017 when Cosmos was just a talking point between co-founders Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman.

One of his early jobs as a software engineer was working out how best to accept bitcoin for the ATOM token sale. The June 2017 fundraiser, held during the heady days of a bull market, easily hit its hard cap of $17 million in bitcoin at a time when it was changing hands for around $2,500.

Bell left at the end of 2018 and founded Nomic-developer Turbofish, with the goal of bringing bitcoin to Cosmos directly.

After nearly five years, Nomic is now locking mainnet bitcoin and minting nBTC, an IBC-transferrable token, available…

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