Hothead Investor Shares 7-Month Update On ‘Maxing Out 8 Credit Cards To Buy Bitcoin’

Investor Sunny Po resurfaced with a seven-month update on his fearless strategy of maxing out credit cards to invest in Bitcoin BTC/USD.

What Happened: In April, Po shared his last update on maxing out eight credit cards to purchase Bitcoin, which sparked widespread interest and debate.

His current total amount of Bitcoin purchased remains unchanged at 1.4488, bought at an average price of $37,443. His total credit card debt stands at $54,251, with a minimum monthly payment of $542. The unrealized profits currently sit at $35,332, an 18.5% increase since May 31.

His strategy also involves rolling over the debt into new credit cards with 0% APR until May 2025, effectively “kicking the can”…

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