Crypto Analyst Sounds Alarm On Bitcoin’s Rally, Warns Traders Not To ‘Go Crazy’ As Crypto Soars By 10%

Crypto analyst Tone Vays recently shared his perspective on the recent trends. While Bitcoin BTC/USD has seen a notable uptick this week, Vays is urging traders to tread cautiously.

What Happened: Bitcoin experienced a 10% increase in value last week. However, Vays expressed reservations about its potential to sustain this momentum and hit the $32,000 mark.

In a YouTube video last week, he said, “Let’s not go crazy here. I still think there’ll be a pullback sometime in November. I don’t think this is rallying to $32,000.”

Vays predicted that Bitcoin would fall to around $28,000 before taking out the top of the range at $31,000 and rallying above $34,000.

At the time of…

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