Crypto Aid Israel Raises $185,000 For Relief During Conflict With Hamas: Here’s How The Funds Were Spent

Crypto Aid Israel, a collective of influential figures in the crypto industry, on Thursday, announced raising over $185,000 to aid Israelis affected in the region’s conflict with Hamas. The funds were distributed to various NGOs, aiming to provide immediate relief to those most in need.

More than 30 companies have extended their support to this cause.

Among them, accounting conglomerate KPMG has played a significant role, not just in fundraising, but also in overseeing the distribution of the collected funds.

Other noteworthy contributors also include Zengo, Fuse, Wonderland and Psagot Equity.

Speaking with Benzinga, Noam Kaplan, director at KPMG Israel, elaborated on KPMG’s pivotal…

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