NEW: Binance Hits 200M User Milestone as Crypto Adoption Grows

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume, has announced a remarkable achievement of reaching 200 million global users. This rapid growth, with an addition of 70 million users in just over a year, signifies a substantial 36% share of the global cryptocurrency market, which now boasts 562 million users. This milestone underscores the exchange’s dominance and the burgeoning trust in digital currencies.

Celebrating on, Binance expressed gratitude towards its users, emphasizing their role in its ambitious goal to connect one billion people, or one in every eight on the planet, to the crypto economy. The company’s vision to expand further is echoed in its consistent growth, projecting a potential user base of 300 million by 2026.

This achievement not only highlights Binance’s leading position but also mirrors the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, especially noteworthy as the market ponders Bitcoin’s ability to sustain a price above $70K amid economic optimism.


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