LATEST: Willy Woo Projects Crypto Market to Hit 1 Billion Users

Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo projects a significant leap in cryptocurrency adoption, anticipating the industry’s first billion users by the end of 2025. Woo’s assertion stems from an analysis combining various studies, including Binance’s data showing that 65% of crypto users are Bitcoin holders. This forecast aligns with the recent surge in cryptocurrency ownership, which saw a 34% increase to 580 million users in 2023. The growing interest in Bitcoin, further fueled by developments around exchange-traded funds (ETFs), suggests a rising mainstream acceptance that could bring substantial capital inflow and enhance digital asset values.

Despite the optimism, achieving this milestone won’t be straightforward. A 72% increase is required to hit the billion-user mark—a challenging target given last year’s growth rates. Yet, the backdrop of increasing crypto adoption and a potential market expansion painted by a joint report from the Boston Consulting Group, Bitget, and Foresight Ventures remains promising. Their analysis likens crypto’s growth trajectory to the internet’s rise, projecting a billion users by 2030 if current trends persist. With only 0.3% of individual wealth invested in cryptocurrencies compared to 25% in global equities, the scope for growth is vast, underscoring the industry’s untapped potential.


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