LATEST: Trump Pledges to Accept Crypto for Campaign Donations, Vows to Support U.S. Crypto Businesses

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has announced his intention to accept cryptocurrency for campaign donations, signaling a significant embrace of digital assets in his political strategy. During an event with buyers of his “Mugshot Edition” NFTs, Trump confirmed his support for cryptocurrency, stating, “If you like crypto in any form… you better vote for Trump.” This declaration comes as he criticized President Joe Biden for his lack of familiarity with cryptocurrency, positioning himself as the pro-crypto candidate for future elections.

In addition to his campaign finance plans, Trump also addressed the broader implications of cryptocurrency regulation in the U.S. He expressed his commitment to keeping crypto businesses within the country, countering what he perceives as regulatory hostility towards the industry under the current administration. His remarks were made at a private dinner event, which also served as a platform to celebrate the success of his NFT venture, reinforcing his renewed interest in leveraging digital assets. This pivot towards crypto advocacy marks a significant shift for Trump, reflecting a strategic alignment with the growing influence of blockchain technology and digital currencies in American politics.


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