LATEST: Solana’s User Base Skyrockets, Surpasses 30 Million Mark

Solana is capturing the crypto market’s attention, reaching a new milestone with over 30 million monthly active addresses. This surge in activity aligns with digital asset manager 3iQ’s proposal to launch North America’s first Solana-based ETF on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Approval of this ETF could usher in a new era for cryptocurrency investments, enhancing Solana’s visibility and appeal.

3iQ’s initiative to introduce a Solana ETF in Canada signifies a growing institutional interest, potentially drawing more investors to the blockchain. This move, combined with the increased network activity, suggests a bright future for Solana, which is already showing signs of recovery in its market price dynamics.

As Solana continues to thrive with significant market capitalization and total value locked, the upcoming ETF could further solidify its position as a major player in the blockchain ecosystem, fostering more innovation and adoption.

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