LATEST: Semler Scientific Acquires 828 BTC, Eyes $150M Additional Purchase

Semler Scientific, a Nasdaq-listed medical manufacturer, has aggressively increased its Bitcoin portfolio, purchasing an additional $17 million of the cryptocurrency. This latest acquisition boosts the firm’s total Bitcoin holdings to 828, valued at over $58.5 million. The move aligns with Semler’s strategy to strengthen its financial reserves with Bitcoin, citing its potential as a stable store of value and a hedge against inflation.

The company announced plans to potentially raise up to $150 million through debt securities, earmarking a significant portion of this for further Bitcoin investments. Semler’s commitment to Bitcoin underscores its belief in the digital asset’s superiority over traditional assets like gold, anticipating substantial returns as Bitcoin gains more recognition as “digital gold.”

Despite a slight decline in Semler’s stock following the recent purchase, the firm remains optimistic. CEO Doug Murphy-Chutorian emphasized that integrating Bitcoin into Semler’s treasury is now a key focus, parallel to its core healthcare operations. This strategic pivot highlights Bitcoin’s growing acceptance and stability as an investment, even amid global economic uncertainties.


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