LATEST: Satoshi-Era Miner’s Wallet Reactivates After 14-Year Dormancy

A blockchain relic has stirred, as a miner’s wallet, inactive since 2010, suddenly transferred $3.05 million worth of Bitcoin to the Binance exchange. This address, 1PDTDwpgRPdQaCcp3Th6zaMASgcCcm3Jcm, earned 50 BTC through mining activities on July 14, 2010, a time when Bitcoin could still be mined using standard personal computers.

This transfer not only underscores the durability and enduring value of Bitcoin but also highlights the massive potential rewards for early adopters who mined using simple setups. Such events serve as powerful reminders of Bitcoin’s foundational days and its dramatic evolution in mining technology.

As Bitcoin continues to prove its resilience and capacity for delivering substantial long-term value, these occasional peeks into its history invigorate the community and attract new interest to the world of cryptocurrency.


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