LATEST: German MP Joana Cotar Urges Government to Halt Bitcoin Selling

Joana Cotar, a prominent independent member of the Bundestag, is challenging the German government’s strategy of selling off its Bitcoin holdings. She argues this action undermines potential economic benefits. Cotar highlights Bitcoin’s value as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, emphasizing its scarcity and potential to diversify assets away from traditional financial risks. Her views were expressed in a communication with key political figures, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz, ahead of an upcoming lecture with Bitcoin advocate Samson Mow.

Cotar points out that embracing Bitcoin could drive innovation, economic sovereignty, and technological advancement. She previously proposed legislation to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in Germany, mirroring El Salvador’s pioneering move. Her initiative reflects a growing recognition of cryptocurrency’s role in a modern financial portfolio.

The urgency of Cotar’s plea comes as the German government’s recent large-scale Bitcoin disposals coincide with a noticeable dip in the cryptocurrency’s market performance. This trend raises concerns about the timing and strategy behind the sell-offs, with Cotar advocating for a reassessment of the government’s current approach to cryptocurrency management.


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