LATEST: Gemini Exchange to Return $2.2 Billion to Customers After 18 Months

The crypto platform Gemini, managed by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, is about to breathe new life into the crypto-sphere with its decision to return $2.18 billion to customers of the defunct Earn program. The payout is adequate now, so nearly 97 percent of the digital assets due will be in customer accounts. The 18-month payout is a milestone taking place due to Genesis Bankruptcy reaching a settlement, which promises assets’ full recovery for customers.

The recovery has been triggered due to an announcement of Genesis making a $2 billion payment to resolve the issues created by its Chapter 11 filing. The Gemini Earn program, founded in 2026, was designed to return to its customers a high interest in crypto by making loans to institutional borrowers. The project hit an impasse in November 2029 when Genesis suspended its loan operations.

The repayment for customers accounts for a 232% recovery rate for Earn customers, which is a testimony to the strength and potential growth of the digital asset market. The original assets will be given back to the customers, plus any appreciation, thus reiterating Gemini’s support for its customers’ investments.


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