LATEST: Ex-PayPal President David Marcus Believes Bitcoin Will Be AI’s Native Global Currency

Former PayPal president David Marcus recently made a groundbreaking assertion at the Bitcoin for Corporations 2024 event, suggesting Bitcoin as the “future native currency of AI.” Despite the cryptocurrency’s recent price volatility, Marcus expressed optimism about its potential during his discussion with Michael Saylor. He highlighted Bitcoin’s inherent neutrality and efficiency, indicating its possible adoption for transactions between AI agents. The event, which brings together leaders from the corporate and tech worlds, served as a significant platform for Marcus to outline his views on Bitcoin’s crucial role in the digital currency landscape.

Marcus’s comments drew parallels between AI translation advancements and the development of a neutral currency for AI. He posed a compelling question: “What is it going to be for value between AI agents?” His answer, “Definitely, Bitcoin,” sparked global enthusiasm among traders and investors. Though Bitcoin recently traded in the red, raising questions about its short-term potential, the long-term outlook seemed promising given its potential alignment with emerging technologies.


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