LATEST: Bitcoin to Continue Bullish Trend Through 2025, Says Peter Brandt

Renowned trader Peter Brandt has stirred the cryptocurrency community with his latest predictions on Bitcoin’s future, revealing a complex scenario of growth and caution. Brandt’s analysis, deeply rooted in the concept of Exponential Decay, has uncovered a trend of diminishing returns across Bitcoin’s previous bull cycles, with the current one—its fifth—showing a potential peak at approximately $72,723, a figure recently met in trading markets.

Despite this seemingly concerning trend, Brandt has introduced a significant twist, assigning a mere 25% probability to his prediction of a peak. Instead, he lends more credibility to his February report, which forecasts a continued bullish trend for Bitcoin stretching into September-October 2025, with potential highs reaching up to $160,000. This dual perspective has sparked a lively debate among investors, balancing optimism with a careful consideration of past cycle trends, ultimately offering a potentially bright future for Bitcoin’s valuation.


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