LATEST: $10B Taiwan Mobile Gains Approval for Bitcoin, Crypto Exchange Operations

Taiwan Mobile, a major player in Taiwan’s telecommunications industry, has been officially registered as the 26th virtual asset service provider (VASP) by the Financial Supervisory Commission. This landmark approval paves the way for the company, valued at 431.90 billion TWD, to potentially launch its own cryptocurrency exchange, heralding a new era in digital asset integration within traditional services.

On July 5, local reports confirmed that Taiwan Mobile’s application was spearheaded by General Manager Zhichen Lin. The company’s new status not only allows for the exploration of innovative cryptocurrency applications but also signals a considerable advancement in digital asset adoption across mainstream platforms.

The telecom giant is reportedly exploring collaborations with local cryptocurrency platforms and may even venture into operating its own crypto exchange. This strategic move is poised to meet the rising demand for cryptocurrencies, demonstrating Taiwan Mobile’s commitment to diversifying its service offerings in the digital age.


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