LATEST: Japanese Firm Metaplanet Adds 42.46 BTC Worth ¥400 Million to Portfolio

Japanese investment firm Metaplanet Inc. has announced the acquisition of an additional 42.466 bitcoins, valued at around 400 million yen. This transaction aligns with the firm’s strategy to expand its digital asset portfolio, coming at an average price of 9,419,300 yen per bitcoin.

This move builds on Metaplanet’s previous announcement on June 24, in which the firm declared the acquisition of bitcoin worth 1 billion yen. With this latest purchase, Metaplanet’s aggregate bitcoin holdings have escalated to 203.734 BTC, marking a cumulative investment that now exceeds 2.05 billion yen.

Metaplanet’s ongoing investments into bitcoin reflect a wider trend of Japanese companies strategically diversifying their portfolios by incorporating digital assets. Amid fluctuating conditions in traditional markets, Metaplanet’s sustained commitment to cryptocurrencies signals a dynamic shift towards embracing these assets as integral to their financial expansion plans.

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